Crochet as therapy

I started crochet about four months ago as a therapy to quiet my mind. I have never crocheted before and had no clue on how to crochet anything. I looked up projects on youtube and followed crochet videos on how to crochet beanies, and mittens, and scarves. I was so engrossed in learning how to crochet that I couldn’t think of anything else. I was fully present and felt so peaceful that I got hooked.

I am thankful to the crochet community on the internet for sharing all their projects and their knowledge. However, sometimes, it was frustrating, especially because of my lack of knowledge, to follow some videos or instructions, so I had to stop the video and look for how to do whatever they are talking about on other videos. Which gave me the idea of starting this blog.

In this blog, I am planning to add tutorials of the basics that every beginner need to know, I am not sure how to do it yet, since I am a beginner blogger too 🙂 bu I like challenges, and this will be a new challenge I am taking.

I am also planning eventually to post my projects, a bigger challenge I was to take on is developing my own patterns. Before doing so I am trying to understand as much as I can about crochet, so I hope that my first challenge will help reach this understanding, and therefore, start writing and posting my own creations.

So bear with me, I am looking forward to posting my first tutorial, and some projects I finished and others I am working on.

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