Happy New Year or is it the New Year?

I am always curious and fascinated by the origin of things, words, events, etc. So today’s post is about the origin of the New Year starting on January 1st.

Did you know that before year 46 B.C. The early Roman calendar consisted on 10 months and 304 days?

Did you know that it was in year 46 B.C. that Julius Cesar decided to add 90 days to the early Roman calendar to realign it with the sun and named January 1st the first day of the year in honour of the Roman God of beginnings : Janus.

Did you know that in Medieval Europe the celebrations around January 1st as the first day of the year were replaced by celebrations on days that carry more religious significance such as December 25th, and March 25th.

Did you know that it is in 1582 that Pope Gregory XIII reestablished January first as New Year’s (Hence the name: Gregorian Calendar)

You can read more, if you are interested, in this very well written article on the History Channel website:


All these lead me to ponder about when people say that they are starting the new year with a new resolution, or new resolutions.

Why do we chose The first year of the calendar to decide about new resolutions? My birthday is in March, it makes more sense to me to decide about new resolutions when I start a new year of my life, when I close a chapter of my life and start a new one, when I turn a day older.

Why even wait for a specific date to decide to start doing something with our lives? Every day, we open our eyes in the morning, healthy, and able to leave our bed, should be a new start in our life, because we never know if we are gonna make it through the day or through the night, if we are gonna open our eyes to a new day.

When I think about it this way, it makes more sense to celebrate, each and every day, and try to make the best of it as if it is the last day we are living.

Happy New Year and my best wishes to you.

One thought on “Happy New Year or is it the New Year?

  1. I love this! I’m with you on starting the new year during my birth month – and we share the same 🙂 It’s a perfect time to reflect on our own individual journies and how we see the year ahead of us unfolding.

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